Thanks for Stopping by to know who we are 😊

Hello!! Before we start our Brand story, I’ll give a brief about myself. I have been a working professional for about 15 years who belongs to a middle-class family. Worked with Big brands of Telecom and IT Industry, handled various profiles of the respective organizations.

Since childhood I have been passionate about Sarees and colors, I probably inherited that from my mother. I admired her collection of Sarees, often opening her closet unnecessarily and peeking inside.  I remember when Mom used to get ready for work, I closely used to watch her, appreciate her sarees and the manner she draped them. Once she was ready, I used to hug her happily saying “MOM you look Beautiful”. I often used to wonder how can she look so beautiful every day. Somehow at the back of my mind I knew that her sarees enhanced her beauty, and that Sarees makes a woman even more beautiful. That memory retained within me and my fondness for clothes and specially Sarees grew each day.

When I grew a little older, I got to know that there was a time when my mom wanted to buy a saree worth Rs 11, just after her marriage but Dad could not afford it. Mom was so sad and hurt at that time that she still shares the same episode with us every now and then. Although Dad bought many sarees for her later when he was financially stable, but that incident is unforgettable for her. This incident somehow impacted my siblings and me in terms of importance of a women’s financial independence.

We were fortunate to be born in a family where both our parents were working and liberal on female education. Eventually all of us were placed well in our career. Even after working in established brands, I always wanted to venture into Entrepreneurship, specially in sarees. Since generations our family was never into business. When my family came to know about my dreams, they wondered why I wanted to quit a respectable job and venture into business. So, initially (before marriage) I did not get a supporting hand from anyone, and I could not work towards my passion.

Before marriage I had discussed my passion with my husband stating that I wanted to get into entrepreneurship at some point of time. I was quite happy when he agreed to support me. After marriage I was busy with my job, handling married life and its up’s and down. Post my C-section delivery I was blessed with a lovely daughter. Just after her birth she had a major infection due to which she was admitted in the hospital for the first 3 months of her birth. The Doctors said going forward she would need lot of care and attention for a healthy growth. I could not spend enough time with my daughter while doing a 10–12 hour job. Although my company was very supportive but eventually circumstances were such that I realized I won’t be able to pursue my career anymore. I was always financially independent since the time I had started working but now I had no choice but to leave my job. After I left the job, I was dependent on my spouse for my financial needs which made me feel remorseful. Also, I started seeing financial crunch in the family.

Between all the hustle bustle that life had created I decided to pursue my passion slowly and steadily. I felt that the time has come to convert my dreams into reality

Even today a woman has to take permission in everything she wants to do. As expected, initially my family was reluctant to support me for my plans at this stage of life. Everyone said” after a respectable IT job you want to sell sarees, that does not sound great, moreover you should focus on your daughter right now, you can delay the execution of your dreams and financial independence for now”. But I was determined to start my own small business, BETTER LATE THAN NEVER.

I was not sure if I’ll succeed but the dedication and determination to establish VAARDARAM was quite strong from within.   

Although there have been challenges, handling my daughter’s health, home and entrepreneurship but my dream keeps me motivated.

My family supported my decision seeing my strong inclination towards my dreams, hope I will get lots of love and support from you too!! 😊